Salmo Minnow Crank Bait Sinking


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Minnow Crank Bait Sinking

Minnow is one of the oldest lure in Salmo’s range. Right from the very start it has been a consistent seller with continued interest from anglers all around the world. A very gentle, vibrant action characterises the Minnow, it has already tempted thousands of predators in lakes and rivers, on all continents. With a large variety of colours it’s easy to choose the exact pattern for any fishery you choose to fish.

All the standard methods of lure fishing will work with the Minnow. In rivers they can be fished upstream, downstream and across the flow, you should always vary the retrieve speed and remember to add occasional twitches.

7cm – Deadly effective colours
Through-wire construction
Polycarbonate lip
Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
Premium Black Nickel VMC Hooks


Minnow, Real Roach


7 CM

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