Purple Flying C’s with Treble Hook


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Dennett Purple Flying C’s with Treble Hook

The flying ‘C’ is probably the most successful salmon lure of the modern era. Dennett flying C spinners have been a favourite with salmon and trout anglers for years, their mix of highly attractive spinner blade and colour tubing body just seems to turn fish on.

Fitted with high-quality VMC trebles the flying C has developed a cult status outselling practically every other Salmon lure available. However, these lures are not a one-trick pony and can be used in the sea to great effect when fishing for Pollack and Bass, as well as big perch and pike when the situation arises.

Available in 10g, 15g, and 20g weights they are available in various exciting colour combinations.


Purple/Copper, Purple/Silver


10g, 15g, 20g

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