Buy Sea Fishing lures Online in Ireland

We have a range of sea fishing lures available, from feathers to sprats to Sea Krill or German Sprats. Ideal for sea fishing off the coast of Ireland. We also have premade rigs that are cost-effective and save time. Please get in touch if there is a particular sea fishing lure not listed below that you would like to get.

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  • Mustad Eel Rig

    Feathers 2.49
  • Lead Fishing Weights

    Accessories 0.504.10
  • German Spratt Cebar Lures

    Lures 2.803.90
  • Bait Elastic

    Accessories 2.20
  • Saltwater Pro 3 Hook Coloured Feather Rigs

    Feathers 1.201.50
  • Saltwater Pro 3 Hook White Feather Rigs

    Feathers 1.201.50
  • Dennett Casting Wedges Sea Lure

    Lures 1.992.20
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